Why I’m voting to stay in the EU.

You probably don’t care what I think, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I’m voting to stay in because:

  1. If Michael Gove, John Redwood, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and the proprietor of the Daily Mail are all on the same side of an argument, then I’m on the other side.

  2. Dark forces are on the rise in Europe. Nationalist parties are gaining support in many countries, some of which have only recently become democratic, where democracy is not yet secure, and where membership of the EU helps keep them democratic. Although the war in Syria is to blame for this, a British exit would make it worse and could precipitate the break-up of the EU with at least some of the newly-democratic countries reverting to dictatorship and who knows what else.

  3. Yes, Brussels is wasteful and inefficient. But that’s not the question. The question is whether Brussels is more or less wasteful and inefficient than Whitehall. I think they are roughly the same.

  4. I like human rights. Why would anyone not? Unless they have a hidden agenda. Like companies with a financial interest in reducing the rights of their employees.

  5. An exit would be a bonanza for lawyers and civil servants, thousands of whom would be able to spend the rest of their highly-paid careers disentangling us from the EU, all at your and my expense.

  6. Brexiteers may be nostalgic for the days when we wrapped food in old newspapers and pumped raw sewage onto bathing beaches, but I’m not.

  7. Right-wing people think the EU is a left-wing conspiracy and left-wing people think it is a right-wing conspiracy, so it must be about right.

Au revoir!

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