Does anyone at DECC know how to draw flow charts?

DECC's snappily titled Electricity Market Reform: Contract for Difference – Allocation Methodology for Renewable Generation contains two flow charts designed to obscure (sorry, explain) the process of allocating renewables subsidies under the UK’s ‘reformed’ electricity market. These are:

Figure 2: First Come, First Served Allocation Process Map (page 16)

(DB = Delivery Body)


Figure 3: Allocation Round Process Map (page 18)

If, like me, you find these plates of spaghetti impenetrable, fear not, help is at hand. All you need to do is re-draw them according to the actual rules of flow charting and voila! They become crystal clear.

For the purposes of this blog I’m only going to do the ‘first-come first-served’ (FCFS) process. The ‘allocation rounds’ process is, as they say in text books, left as an exercise for the reader. I have left out the boxes labelled ‘publish budget’ as these clutter the chart up. Their timing, which is frequent, would be better explained in the accompanying text.

Here it is:

Onwards and upwards!

© Copyright 2016 Howard J. Rudd all rights reserved.

© Copyright 2016 Howard J. Rudd all rights reserved.